Foster Animals

Jennifer's Animals


Our household has always included it's fair share of animals; mostly dogs, a few cats, birds and even a pet rat at one time. About eight years ago we began fostering animals from the local humane society and since then we have had over 250 animals that have gone on to be adopted into new homes.

Our current pets are Eddie, a Terrier mix, Oscar the wiener dog and Olivia, a Silky Terrier.

Eddie was a sickly little puppy with pneumonia that Denise found at the shelter and knew she had to have him at first sight. He turned out to be very smart, playful and very protective of his new family. He loves to play catch with just about anything you throw. Eddie is now nine.

Oscar is another shelter dog but he was my pick. Growing up we had a Dachshund mutt that would eat anything within reach and if Oscar is any indication, it runs in the breed!

Here Oscar as a puppy was giving Jennifer's cat, Mandy, a hard time. He soon realized she was in charge.

Olivia is our newest and was brought in to the shelter with her mother as strays. She started out almost black as a puppy and got progressively lighter as she has grown up. Her favorite past time is to chew on shoes and anything leather. Let's just say this has not been a cheap dog!